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Every page of your website deserves a lot of thought and effort, and your About page is arguably one of the most important pages. So, why ignore those potential benefits when you can do it right and reap the rewards?

That’s exactly what this post will show you how to do. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll find.

Let’s start with this, what is an “About page”? In simplest terms, it’s a page on your website that explains what your business does. Simple right?

As a modern and fairly tech-savvy small business owner, I find it very important to have an About us page which is designed to convey your brand message, easy to understand and allows the user take further action on the page

Is it really that big of a deal? How many visitors will actually take the time to check out your About page?

Well, it is even more than you thought. The ABOUT US page is one of the most frequently visited pages on your website. A 2015 study by KoMarketing unveils that 52% of website visitors head straight to the company’s ‘About Us’ page after they first land on the homepage. 52%, that’s more than half the visitors. Needless to say, it is an extremely critical part of your website that deserves your utmost attention.

Although the ‘About’ page is on just about any website, blog, business page, it is especially important for business websites aspiring to generate more leads and customers. Safe to say that the ‘About’ page can potentially be your “marketing marvel” and can single-handedly convert complete strangers into qualified leads, or even customers.

Knowing this, it is strange that most business owners still pay no mind to this or even monitor what content is there,

Here I’ll share 4 tips on how to write a very fancy About Us page. Following these guidelines to creating a cogent ‘About Us’ page would become a lot simpler.

Narrate your story

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to excite website visitors. A great story makes potential customers resonate with you and appreciate what your brand is all about, especially the solutions you are trying to bring to that humanizes your brand and makes it feel more accessible

Spell out why and how your product or service came into existence. Talk about the problems or challenges which you faced yourself which led you to start this particular business. This will serve to provide context and meaning for your business. You can also tell a heartwarming story of your humble beginnings.

Make it about them

Yes, it’s an ‘About Us’ page, and no, it is not really all about you. Your website visitors found their way to your website because they are facing a problem that needs solving. If you can prove that you have been in their shoes and have a viable solution, they’ll more readily believe you.

So, don’t simply only talk about you and your brand, your mission, vision. Do more, Rather, write simple, genuine ones and make it crystal clear that you’re here to solve their problems.

Use The right tone

The tone is an element that should be consistent throughout your “About” page. For a professional website, the writing just needs to find a middle ground between knowledgeable and approachable. PROFESSIONAL DOESN’T MEAN BORING.

Let your writing show some excitement! And don’t overthink it, either. You already know what you’re talking about, so let the information flow as if speaking to a friend and you’ll probably strike the ideal tone.

PS: READ YOUR COPY OUT LOUD: Reading your new copy aloud is a great way to test for tone. Hearing how the sentences come together will alert you to any unnatural structure or word choices that you wouldn’t actually use in daily conversation.

Include A way to contact you

By the time the website visitors are done reading through your mind-blowing “About Us” page, they should be racing to get in touch. Most website builders will easily allow you to stick a “Contact” form anywhere on the page, or you can set up a separate dedicated page and link to it.

Finally, making your ‘About’ page insipid is the last thing you want to do. Seriously. Consider the ‘About’ page as your chance to make a fantastic first impression in the minds of your prospects, so they don’t forget you the moment they close the tab.

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